Duoshow Catarina de Oliveira et Amandine Guruceaga

exposition du 5 Mai au 5 Juin 2016

Dans le cadre du Printemps de l'Art Contemporain

Rien n’est fixe, rien n’est prévisible quand tous les éléments variables in uent. Le temps injustement reprend ses droits face à notre impatience et humblement nous regardons son évolution.
Tentatives vaines de ralentir la chute. Comme de l’ecchymose profonde, nous regardons le flux de cette palette colorée mouvante.

L’imperceptible humidité, l’intangible acidité quand convoquées ensemble, elles réunissent, invoquent et font apparaître la beauté de leurs stigmates engendrant leurs propre dégradation.
Eau, Feu, Air corrosifs, ces chamans puissants, silhouettes sanglantes traversant la surface irradiante.

De cet infime ruissellement qui ronge la roche et se charge de ses minéraux, jamais nous ne verrons l’ultime goutte qui scelle et réunit la stalactite de la stalagmite, mais nous le savons possible. L’écho de nos vases communicants trouvent ici leurs chemins dans cet équilibriste accord. 

Amandine Guruceaga

 They are the work of the devil they are—said the old woman—they come and go whenever they please. You never know when, you never know where. There are no warning signs; they just appear. Nè are diferent! at is why you can use it to find the workers of the devil. That’s what they are, the witches—devil workers’! Nè are the faeces of Mangki Mèse, conjoined twins who have only one leg each, and are also a couple...We don’t know where they came from. They taught us how to protect ourselves from the witches!— The old woman took a long pause and then continued—In the beginning when the world was empty and there were no people, Nui N’dü—a water deity— and Nui Mangk’a—a fire deity, patron of witches—decided to fight for the creation of people. Nui Mangk’a set are that blazed the surface of the earth red and golden. Nui N’dü unleashed an overwhelming rain that ooded the earth, so intensively the ames couldn’t nd refuge even under the most hidden of stones. So, Nui N’dü got to be the one who created people. He gave them the gi of reproduction, but only under the condition that they would live near water sources . Since then, Nui Mangk’a wonders the deserts by himself. However, he has the power to endow people with the gi of witchcra . It’s his revenge! To nd the witches, the masters grind the Nè, the sclerotium you spoke of , they mix it up with water and heat it up. Afterwards, he pours it into a ma wangkya, a ceramics piece, made specially for this purpose... 

Once there it will, from a distance, swell up the chest of witches and kill them.—Once again the old woman took a long pause— These shamans you speak of... I think they are witches... and they are fooling you. I can’t see how a mushroom can be used to bring anyone to a higher level of consciousness. I tell you these shamans are witches, workers of the devil playing tricks on you. at’s what they are! I would never eat anything made by the devil ... no I wouldn’t! 

Catarina de Oliveira 



Images : Gilles Pourtier

art space, Marseille

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